Nice to meet you! As a product designer, my goal is to inspire and empower people with delightful + useful experiences. I thrive in highly collaborative environments made up of interdisciplinary teams. I enjoy creating human-centered experiences that connect people, business, and tech together.

My background started originally in programming at the University of Washington: I helped teach a course on database management+web development, interned at Nike as a Java Engineer for the Nike.net team, and built a variety of java projects (including a functioning digital guitar!).

After working in development, I realized my true passion was actually product design -- I worked for 1 year at a startup called Placements as their first in-house designer. I graduated from the University of Washington School of Information in 2015, learning about HCI.

I'm currently working at Netflix as a Product Designer working on solving complex business problems as the design lead on the audience growth team (previously design lead on the core product team at Scribd). 

When I’m not designing digital products, I can be found attempting to learn french, biking, going to comedy shows, and exploring different art museums (Legion of Honor so far is my favorite in SF).


⇢ Design strategy
⇢ User experience design
⇢ Visual design + branding
⇢ User research
⇢ Collaborating and building with developers
⇢ Mobile app + web interaction design
⇢ Design team hiring, onboarding and mentoring