When I’m not designing digital products, I can be found slowly learning french, biking, going to comedy shows, and exploring different museums.

Nice to meet you! I have a passion for solving complex business and user problems - I thrive in highly collaborative environments made up of interdisciplinary teams.

My background started in software development at the University of Washington: I helped teach a course on database management and web development, interned at Nike as a Java Engineer, and spent time building a variety of java projects (my favorite was the functioning digital guitar!).

I eventually discovered and transitioned into product design -- I worked for 1 year at a startup called Placements as their first in-house designer. I graduated from the University of Washington School of Information in 2015, focusing on HCI.

I'm currently working at Netflix as a Product Designer working on solving complex growth problems as the design lead on new member experiences - previously at Scribd, Placements and Nike.


⇢ Design strategy

⇢ User experience design

⇢ Visual design + branding

⇢ User research

⇢ Collaborating and building with developers

⇢ Mobile app + web interaction design

⇢ Design team hiring, onboarding and mentoring